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How To Apply

Help Unlimited is always looking for bright, talented and enthusiastic candidates with strong office skills.

To apply for temp work, please fill out our online application and one of our staff will contact you about coming in for an interview. If this is your first visit, create a name and password and select the New Applicant Package. If you have contacted us previously, send an email request for your login information. Please call if you have any questions at (202) 296-0200.

Temping is a great opportunity for an individual who is:

  • New to town, or returning from an overseas posting
  • Moving into a new career direction
  • Looking for a part-time or flexible schedule
  • Interested in developing their skill set
  • On a permanent job search

Types of positions we generally staff include:

  • Executive Secretary Data Entry
  • Administrative Assistant Office Manager
  • Customer Service Program Assistant
  • Receptionist/Front Desk
  • Accounting Assistant

We meet with all of our applicants one-on-one to discuss previous work experience, long or short term availability and career goals.